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Emily Lovelock is known for its effortlessly elegant dresses with bright and fun prints. Most of the fabrics they use are natural fibres like wool blends, cotton, silk, viscose, modal etc, all of which are ethically sourced. All the prints and patterns are signature prints unique to the brand, most of which are hand drawn.

They take pride in being an ethical and socially responsible brand.
Ninety percent of the production team comprises underprivileged women, whom they train and support in providing equal opportunity. 
They are also an inclusive brand as they offer Plus sizes in certain styles from their collection under the name 'More Love from Emily Lovelock'.

Their parent company is Maganlal Dresswalla which is more than a 100 year old establishment. They're the first costumiers for Indian Cinema and they're the minds behind the costumes for major Hollywood movies such as 'Gandhi' (which won an Oscar for costume design). 

Emily Lovelock is the newest venture from the same company which comes with a team of Directors with over 19 years of experience in women's fashion.

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