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Douxdimanche is the realization of a dream of an insatiable traveler who loves, above all, strolling and voluptuousness.

Françoise therefore imagined a cocooning wardrobe that allows her to live in comfort, elegance and softness whatever the country or place she puts her suitcase.

The raw cashmere is coming from Mongolian goats, it is then sent in Scotland where it is dyed and woven.
Douxdimanche has chosen to work with one of the most luxurious yarn sources in Scotland.
Thanks to the properties of the lake water and their ancestral know-how, the spinners produce extremely high quality cashmere. The wool is then shipped in a medium size factory in Mauritius to be knitted.

The unique design and creation of collections are followed by production where human hands are involved in all stages of production: knitting, re-assembly, sewing, washing and ironing.


Each piece is unique, checked and treated as this noble and luxurious cashmere deserves.

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